Brisbane carpet cleaning update

Brisbane carpet cleaning update-Your carpets need protecting!

Do carpet and upholstery protectors such as Scotchguard, Teflon or Rhinoshield represent good value for money? Do they work well? Please read on and I will endeavour to answer these questions.

Over the years it has amazed me how much easier it is to remove soiling when I re-clean a protected Brisbane carpet annually. Generally the stains or spots on the carpet are much easier to remove also. In addition my client has had more reaction time to blot up the spills. Consequently this means a protected carpet usually presents me with less spots to work on.

One thing I make sure my clients understand is that a carpet protector is not “bulletproof” or “magic”. Good quality protectors guard against soiling and staining. Carpet and fabric protectors also improve the release of spills and soils and they can even facilitate your carpet lasting longer. Protected fibres essentially have a barrier to lessen the abrasive ability of soiling within carpet. Soiling in carpet is like sandpaper rubbing away at your wool or synthetic fibre over time so by having this barrier you slow down the wear and tear.

Another question I am often asked is “does my Scotchguard wear off?” Yes it does and consequently needs re-application from time to time. A top up to the original treatment usually suffices after each clean. These top ups represent great value as Aqua-Pro do top up treatments at a discounted fee.

So in summary: Carpets, clothing and in fact any textile requires proper care. Abusing it will cause visible and permanent wear. Carpet protectors, proper care, regular vacuuming and periodic professional cleaning by competent Brisbane carpet cleaners will facilitate a long life for your flooring investment.

Sidenote: In this article I have mentioned product names such as Scotchguard, Teflon and Rhinoshield. Which one do we use and why?
We use Rhinoshield as it has an additional ingredient that is extremely important. This ingredient is not found in many carpet and fabric protectors. Rhinoshield in its formula incorporates dye blockers that also attach to your fibre. These dye blockers fill in the dye receptors in many carpets that cordials and soft drinks love to bind with which means a carpet protected with Rhinoshield stands a chance against one of the hardest groups of stains- dye stains! Does your Brisbane carpet cleaning company offer protection for your carpet? Do they use a protector with dye blockers built in? Aqua Pro can help.

Thanks Mark from carpet cleaners Brisbane.

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