Carpet Cleaning North Brisbane

Carpet Cleaning North BrisbaneAqua Pro is a Brisbane family owned and operated carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, tile cleaning and pest control company.

Mark & Sandy Dumont have been in the carpet cleaning business for over 18 years and have a passion for making their client's lives easier and their living environments cleaner, healthier and looking great for longer.

Your carpets are one of the largest investments you make in your home and they receive the hardest wear. Pets, dust, spills and general day-to-day traffic can spoil the look of even the most hardwearing carpets. To protect your investment, regular quality carpet cleaning is essential.

Most reputable carpet companies recommend annual carpet cleaning for best results, but it all depends on you and your lifestyle. A new puppy or baby, parties or putting your house on the market may mean you need to clean your carpet more regularly.

Regular home carpet cleaning:

-Extends the life of your valuable carpet

-Protects your investment

-Gives a fresh feel to your room

-Makes your carpets look like new

-Helps your carpet smell better by eliminating dust mites and reducing bacteria

Aqua Pro (carpet cleaning Brisbane) are professional carpet cleaners who take the time to ensure the right cleaning products and state of the art cleaning methods are used to clean your carpets. Using hot water extraction (also known as carpet steam cleaning), we remove the vast majority of soil and stains, leaving your carpets clean, hygienic and fresh.

Trained and Qualified Brisbane Carpet Cleaners

All our Brisbane carpet cleaning technicians are fully trained and certified, and regularly undergo ongoing training to ensure they stay current with the latest advances in carpet cleaning. You wouldn't trust your car to an unlicensed mechanic – why trust your carpets to unqualified operators? With Aqua Pro, you are guaranteed trained Brisbane carpet cleaning professionals.

Our Brisbane carpet cleaning technicians are professionally presented, carry credentials and respect both you and your property.

Free Quotes and Fixed time appointments for your carpet cleaning

We believe in no surprises when it comes to our services – that's why we ask you the right questions about your individual situation so that we can provide an accurate quote. Our accurately assessed quote can even be provided to you in writing if you wish. No bumping up prices or doubling our fees after arriving at your home. We believe in honest and ethical up-front pricing with no hidden extras!

We know your time is valuable, which is why we book in a firm time for your carpet cleaning and let you know how long your cleaning will take. And our time bookings are firm appointments. If we are running a few minutes late for your appointment time, we will call you.


Our 3 Steps to Beautiful Clean Carpets

We start with a detailed pre-inspection of your carpets, checking the fibres, traffic areas and stains. We listen to you – and your concerns and issues, to make sure we fully understand the results that you expect from your carpet cleaning.

While we use the latest in equipment and technology, some stains have set into the carpet and can't be removed. We will discuss with you any permanent stains and actions that can be taken to minimise their appearance.

1. Thorough preparation

Thorough preparation is our key to brilliant results. The time we take before we clean, means your carpets are more thoroughly cleaned than ever before, additional stains are removed and your carpets dry faster.

Our first carpet cleaning stage is our pre-vacuum – where we remove more than 70% of dry soil and grit in your carpets using our super suction commercial vacuum cleaners. The intense suction of these machines helps to give you the best possible results and enables our cleaning solution gets right to the base of your carpets. Pre-vacuuming has the additional benefit of meaning less water is required for your steam cleaning, which means your carpets dry quicker as well as being kinder to the environment.

Of course, with our higher-level services we gently move and replace most of your furniture to ensure that each room is thoroughly cleaned, and that hidden dust and stains are located and treated. (We don't move wall units, electrical equipment or furniture with breakable items in it).

We can even protect your precious furniture and walls with protective corner guards in case of accidental bumps during cleaning.

Existing stains and spills are pre-treated with our powerful pre-spot chemicals – to ensure that even those difficult and stubborn spots are removed. Your carpets are then pre-sprayed with our pre-conditioning agent to give them time to dissolve traffic area soil and spots. Finally, we pre-groom your carpets either by hand or by machine to further loosen the soil in your carpet, which results in an even deeper clean.

2. Intense Cleaning

Your carpets are professionally steam cleaned using our state-of-the-art steam cleaning technology – where ultra hot water is injected into the fibres of your carpet using a high pressure yet low volume wand and then extracted using high suction vacuum. This means your carpets are thoroughly rinsed which means no sticky residue or over-wet carpets.

Unless your carpet cleaner uses a two-stage clean and rinse process, then your carpets are not being cleaned effectively. It is like washing your clothes and then not rinsing them – they will not be as clean.

Our truck mounted system generates more heat and suction than mobile systems, which means even more water is extracted leaving your carpets cleaner and dryer. The heat of the water kills dust mites and bacteria, which means the health of your family is protected. In hard to reach areas, portable units may still be used.

Unskilled operators can often over-wet carpets. Most people don't know that over-wet carpets can create major problems down the track – with growth of mould, increased stains, shrinking carpets and odour problems caused by too much water. Our trained technicians only use the precise amount of water needed to remove stains and clean your carpet, and will not over wet your carpets.

If there are any remaining spots or stains – we call out the big guns with our specialist range of spotting solutions.

For that luxury finish, your carpet is then Ph balanced which leaves your carpet feeling baby soft and fresh.

Your carpet is then groomed using our professional groomers to ensure your carpet pile sits in the correct position. This also helps your carpets to dry faster.

3. Speed Drying

We know that many people dislike waiting for their carpets to dry – which is why we speed dry your carpets for free using our special equipment (for Gold & Platinum clients). Speed drying also means that there is less chance that stains reappear from your underlay or "wick" up from the base of your carpet from pooled water.

Our speed drying process dries carpets faster than through traditional methods – which means you can get on with your normal life sooner.

Finally, we conduct a post inspection with you, so you can thoroughly inspect our work and enjoy your beautiful carpets once again. Your carpets are clean, sanitised and smell fresh and wonderful.

Rug Cleaning

Aqua Pro can clean your rugs and area rugs as well as your carpets. We adopt similar deep cleaning processes for your carpet rug cleaning, to give your rugs a whole new lease on life.

If your rug is silk or (rayon) we will recommend the best way to get these fibre types clean.

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Aqua Pro are Brisbane carpet and upholstery cleaners – so we can clean your furnishings and leather lounges at the same time as we clean your carpets, saving you time and money.


We offer the following Carpet Cleaning Services in North Brisbane, QLD:

We perform Carpet Cleaning North Brisbane in all suburbs on the Northside of Brisbane, Queensland, QLD:

Bald Hills
Bracken Ridge
Bridgeman Downs
Chermside West
Eagle Farm
Everton Park
Gordon Park
Nudgee Beach
Stafford Heights
Wavell Heights


Other Main Serviced Areas around Brisbane, Queensland, QLD:

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