A safe and easy guide to stain reduction and removal from carpets

Red wine spills. Cordial catastrophes. Tomato sauce trickles. Don’t you just hate these colourful stains on your plush carpets? Like it or not, a party almost always guarantees a colourful, blotchy carpet. Good news is, you can do something to remove stains from your carpet, and or prevent them from ever reoccurring.

Here’s a safe, practical guideline that you can follow to help you out:

  1. Place doormats at all entrances and oblige everyone to wipe their shoes before stepping into a carpeted area. Doing so will not only save your carpet from wear and tear, but will also keep dirt and other pollutants from sticking on it.
  2. Act fast and attend to the stain right away. This means not letting it set while waiting for your guests to leave. Speed is a key factor here—the longer the delay, the more time the stain has to spread, and the harder and more time consuming it is to remove.
  3. Blot as much excess liquid as you can. Don’t soak, wipe or scrub it. Doing so will only damage the carpet fibres and cause the stain to spread. Just blot it gently using a clean white towel or paper towel to remove the stain. After sucking up the liquid, rinse the spot with water and blot again until dry. Repeat the process as needed.
  4. Gently scrape off any solids with a spoon or spatula. Wash the remaining spill and blot dry. Dried solids, on the other hand, can easily be broken up and vacuumed. Repeat until the stain is gone, then rinse with water and blot dry.
  5. To eliminate greasy stains, apply a volatile dry solvent like thinners to the spot using a white towel. Thinners are very strong and should not be used if you are sensitive to chemicals. Blot from the edges to the center. Continue dabbing until spot is clean. Remember to always patch test any cleaning agent on a hidden part of the carpet to avoid carpet damage or discolouration. CAUTION: If this step looks a bit difficult consider using a professional.
  6. Since stubborn or old stains may not respond well to DIY efforts, you may need to hire a commercial carpet cleaning service company. It’s highly recommendable and worth the extra cost, saving you a bigger cost of buying a new carpet.

Simply follow these steps above should you encounter unwanted stains to ensure your carpets are constantly in good shape, looking fresh and fabulous.

Also consider that some carpet fibre types actually get dyed by the staining agent and are essentially that colour for good ie. Permanent. Happy blotting!

Bye for now. Thanks for reading.

From Mark the Brisbane carpet cleaner

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Brisbane Carpet Cleaning and Brisbane Pest Control

This blog post has been written to give a summary of what Aqua-Pro Services do throughout the year as one of Brisbane’s best and busiest carpet cleaners. We are also a premier Brisbane pest control Company when it comes to cockroaches, silverfish, fleas and redback spider control.

Let us start in January; Up until Australia Day we are busy carpet cleaning and pest controlling Brisbane schools and offices 7 days a week.

February and March; We catch up on all our residential carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning plus pest control to Brisbane homes. We say “Thank You” to our patient and loyal clients for waiting through December and January! February can also result in extra weekend work at Brisbane Schools due to some schools not getting external pest control against redback spiders in the warmer months of the previous year. The redback spiders breed like crazy from October and by February due to the schools being closed over the holiday break, the spiders take over! They need a thorough pest management treatment which is where we can help. Brisbane Schools please note… get your redback treatment done in September, October or November if possible on the weekends to stop the breeding cycle and reduce your spider population dramatically.

April; This month is usually a mixture of residential and commercial services. Over the Easter holidays we of course do carpet cleaning and pest control at Schools all over Brisbane.

May and June; These months traditionally are a little quieter for the Brisbane carpet cleaner. As we offer speed drying of your residential carpets in these cooler months we still keep busy enough. Tile and grout cleaning in Brisbane in these months is popular, particularly in offices with stone tiled floors.

The end of June and early July we are back into Brisbane Education Facilities.

July and August; These months are similar in weather to May and June therefore are similar in our service mix and work volumes.

September; The beautiful Brisbane spring weather hits this month. Spring carpet cleaning of Brisbane homes becomes very popular as does pest control preventative treatments against cockroaches, silverfish, fleas and spiders. The end of September and early October we are once again busy carpet cleaning and exterminating pests throughout the schools of Brisbane.

October and November; these months are very busy so please book ahead or you may miss out!

December is all about preparing for the busy period ahead for the many schools, colleges and offices we carpet clean and pest control from early December through to Australia Day. In fact we do not do any residential (domestic) Brisbane Carpet Cleaning or Pest Control in this period from the second week in December through to the third week in January.


Thanks until next time.
Kind Regards

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