Carpet cleaning Brisbane and allergies

Indoor air quality is a new and very interesting science. It seems when I was growing up air quality was all about the outside air and emissions from industry and consumers. Whilst outdoor air quality is more important than ever there is also a focus on indoor air quality as we spend a lot of time indoors in Brisbane.

It could also be argued with reference to new construction techniques that the turnover of indoor air with fresh air from the outside is slowed with more air tight construction. This results in indoor air becoming more polluted.

Let me now cut to the chase……………………. Why does having carpet inside your home help with the air quality. Carpet is like a sponge or a filter. It captures pollutants and traps them much more efficiently then hard floors. This wonderful filter holds the allergens out of the air that we breathe. Allergens and pollutants on hard surfaces such as polished floors, vinyl and tiles tend to redistribute when disturbed either by foot or broom.

I don’t intend for my blog to become a scientifically referenced thesis so will not back up the above statements with citations to various studies worldwide but it makes sense- doesn’t it? Clean a glossy polished timber floor and you can see the dust sitting on the surface the next day. Vacuum a carpet thoroughly and it takes a long while until the dust is visible again. Your carpet being the wonderful filter it is traps dust and other contaminants and is doing its job!

The bad news is that this carpet filter needs professional cleaning periodically by Brisbane carpet cleaners like Aqua-Pro Services. Owning and using regularly a high quality vacuum will lengthen the time between visits from your carpet cleaning company.

In concluding, carpet is of benefit to some allergies through its ability to trap pollutants. In addition a carpet not maintained properly has a reduced ability to collect and filter indoor nasties. Therefore a clean carpet is the most efficient it can be at keeping your indoor air quality the highest it can be.

Bye for now. Mark -Brisbane carpet cleaners.

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